Más reciente

Out of this world

Feeling the touch of eeriest rays

Allying the sadness, stranded in the unknown

Wondering if I might belong in this strange world

Roving the brim of an unexpected journey

Between longing and fear

I am poised to ride away, but I fear the unknown.

I see many roads crossing. Where will they lead me?

The multiverse stares oblivious to my fate.

May the route be my friend and my guide

Islands of souls

Bronce bajo un horizonte gris

Evocando recuerdos

Atisbos de color


Weaving the Divine and the Mundane

Chill-Out @Hipólita’s

Rather overwrought by gloomy shadows

We laconically moor at Hipólita’s harbor

Let us chill-out in your sweetest parlor

Be the loving mother who lulls our souls


Ansiando navegar

Foto: AEFB

Varados en buen puerto

Foto: AEFB

Amarrados en dique seco las barcas enjugan la banalidad de efímeras diversiones

que alejan amablemente perennes tormentas v avivan encandiladas pasiones

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